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Mobile Productivity: Reexamining My iPhone Use

I really like your comments about the QR Codes. I’ve experimented with them in the past but wasn’t that impressed. Although after your detailed and excited response to them, I might have to take a closer look at them to see how I can use them within my classroom.

The Feducator

We’ve seriously underdeveloped our iPhone use. Not you, of course. You’ve probably downloaded the WordPress app, or you’re viewing this from your mobile Facebook account. I guess I should have expected that the “world at your fingertips” expression would actually carry some weight in my life sooner or later, but the past few weeks have been exceptional. Compared to what I used to do with my iPhone, I think I’ve come a long way.

Yeah, I used the calendar, I set alarms to remind me of things, and I made lists. That’s not productivity. I can do all that on paper, or with my stopwatch. Technology is advancing around us, and many of us don’t realize its potential. We don’t meet its potential; I’ve found that to be especially true in classrooms. The discoveries I’ve made recently have genuinely improved my life, and have expanded my vision for the possibilities…

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Apps for Ed610

All the apps that have been shared this far for Ed610.  I will try and update this once or twice a week.  This is more for me and others to see what’s been shared so I (we) don’t accidentally share one that has already been posted.

Week 1
1. Name and short description
2. Apps Gone Free – daily apps that are free today
3. Bitsboard – have students learn about things by having pictures, words and diagrams together to share
4. CommonCore – shows the new CC standards
5. CNN – news reports
6. Dropbox – online storage
7. Edmodo – like a teacher student Facebook
8. Educreations App – recordable white board
9. FineScanner – scan any doc and print or save for later
10. G Notes – notes to be used anywhere
11. Google Earth – explore the world in 3d or see places all over the world, space, mars, moon
12. Graphing Calculator by Mathlab – graphing calculator
13. Haiku Deck – create short slide shows
14. RunningRecord – track students fluency, accuracy, and self corrections
15. Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile – learn about books, make lists or buy books
16. ShowMe – interactive whiteboard
17. Stitcher – compilations of podcasts
18. Story Lines for Schools – students draw pictures to complete a story
19. Twitter – social networking, quick responses and links

Week 2
Name and short description
1. Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr. – introduce animated videos for any occasion
2. Flashcards[+] – create flash cards
3. GDrive app – save documents online and find them from any device
4. HMH Readers – leveled stories for students
5. iGradr – gives you a percentage for the points earned
6. IXL Math – math practice for grades k-8
7. Little Writer – tracing app for kids
8. Khan Academy – shows safe and educational videos
9. NASA App – NASA related content
10. NOVA Elements – chemistry concepts, build atoms, molecules, use the periodic table, and videos
11. Pick a Student – picks a student randomly
12. Pinterest – ideas for school, home, and DIY projects
13. Remind101 – text reminders to students and parents about school stuff
14. SparkleFish – learn stories that are voiced over and it teaches grammar
15. Stick Picks – picks a student randomly
16. StudyBlue – makes flash cards
17. TeachersPayTeachers – classroom activities created by teachers
18. TED Conference App – video clips for all TED talks
19. Udemy – tutorials and courses about technology

Week 3
Name and short description
1. Evernote – remembers, organizes, saves in a searchable document
2. Google Drive – share documents with anyone
3. Google Translate – translate words into different languages
4. LeafSnap – scan leaves and trees to determine what they are
5. Math Cards – math flash cards
6. NBC Olympics Highlights and Results – view the Sochi Olympics
7. Photoshop Express – Photoshop pictures
8. ResponseWare – records real-time answers and you can either save or find them online to use later
9. Quick Graph – graph math equations
10. Quick Office – edit Microsoft documents
11. Scan Pages – scan pictures to save and print later
12. Scripto Schola ABC – early letter learning, writing letters
13. Species Finder – find endangered species and become aware of them
14. Spelling City – expand vocabulary and spelling, also a take practice spelling tests
15. Student Clicker – question or poll students during class
16. Teacher / MyHomework App – an online planner for students
17. Teachers.Tube – like YouTube but with safe classroom videos
18. Virtuoso Piano Free 3 – learn to play the piano
19. ZipGrade – scan and grade bubble sheets quickly and easily

Week 4

Non-photo apps

1. Cursive Practice – practices cursive writing
2. Educational App Store – a store for educational apps
3. Endless ABC – letter tracing, creating words makes motion or sounds

Photo apps

4. iMovie – using still images and recorded videos to make video presentations
5. InstaCollage – create collages from your photos or camera roll
6. InstaSplash – add splashes of color to your photos, enhance photos the way you want
7. PaperCamera – easy to use, with cool effects to add to your photos
8. PicsArt Photo Studio – edit your pictures anyway you want too
9. Pig Dessection – able to watch a dissection and this app gives you a setting for creating presentations
10. Photobucket – Online photo saving and sharing
11. Photo Editor – easy to enhance photos and give them a new look
12. Photo Grid – collage maker of your own photos
13. PhotoMakrkr – Watermark your photos, so they are all yours
14. Plex – store and share you media
15. Prezi – online presentation tool, use video and pictures
16. Project Noah – a way to identify animals, plants, the environment by using your or others pictures
17. Shutterfly for iPhone – unlimited photo storage and sharing, does not store videos
18. Slide Show Creator – creates slide shows, need a special folder to use your own folders
19. Snappy CamPro – high speed camera app, take multiple pictures in seconds, pick the one you like and add it to a video or share
20. Timeline Eons – shoes pictures of history that happen around the same time
21. Video Star – making movies and enhance photos

Week 5

Photo Apps
1. 3D Protractor – use a picture you’ve taken to find the angle via a protractor
2. BookPress – making a book with pictures and video
3. Brainshark Video Presentations – access presentations from your brainshark account on your tablet or iphone
4. Camera+ – photo app that you can crop, adjust, edit, change color, add a border, and much more.  only on iphones/ipads
5. Camera Awesome – camera app that transform your pictures
6. Color Effects – edit and share photos
7. EyeEm – like instagram, sharing and editing of photos
8. FaceSwitch-Swap & Morph – switch faces on your pictures
9. FlipAGram – turns photos into a video slid show, also add music or voice to photos, also able to share
10. Fotor – Edit your photos on all your devices with basic edit, special effects, collage making, and more
11. Gallery Lock – a way to hide personal photos on your personal device
12. Groove Book – printable photo book
13. Instaframe – collage photos, templates, borders, and other effects
14. Instagram – shares and edits photos
15. My Fitness Pal – customize your fitness, food, and journal, able to scan barcodes
16. MyShoebox – safe and private location for all the photos you’ve taken
17. SkyDrive – 7 GB of online storage (photos)
18. Snapchat – able to take pictures and videos and send it to others
19. Snapseed – user-friendly enhancing photo app

Week 6

Non-Photo Apps
1. Pie Chart Graph Maker – easy pie, chart, and graph maker

Photo Apps

2. Aris – geotagging photos
3. Artist Sketch – takes natural colored photos and turns them into black and white sketches
4. Camera360 Ultimate – able to take, change, and share photos
5. Cycloramic – handsfree panoramic photos
6. FlowBoard – presentation app that you can add images, text, pdfs, and videos
7. Fuzel – easily makes animated and regular collages with your photos
8. FX Photo Studio – photo editing app, use your finger to change colors on pictures
9. HelloPhoto – takes your negatives from early photo-taking days and turns them into transformed photos
10. ImaCom|phot collage – easy to make collages
11. Magisto Video Editor and Maker – turn your pictures into a movie with graphics and sounds
12. Mighty Notes – sharing presentation app, holds up to 50 images and 30 minutes of audio
13. MoviePro – secret record, take stills of your videos
14. Panorama – makes three pictures in a panorama
15. PhotoStory – add photos, text, and transitions
16. Pic Collage – make and share picture collages from all your albums
17. PicFlow – mix your photos to music with transitions
18. Pixlr Express – edit photos and make collages
19. PS Express – like photoshop, to improve the quality of your photos
20. Shadow Puppet – record narration for pictures and tell a story

Week 7

Productivity Apps
Cloud On – able to edit documents on iPad/iPhone/desktop and save in other places
Dashland – password storage app
DocScan – instant scan of documents and stores them
Evernote – remembers, organizes, saves in a searchable document
HootSuite – opens all your different social medias
HP PRINT Service Plugin – connects all your media to print a document
Kingsoft Office – Like Microsoft Word Processor
Mint – helps you plan, budget, manage, and track your purchases and spending
Numbers – spreadsheet app for mobile devices
Olive Office Premium – create, open, or use MS office, excel, PP documents
Pages – cross between Microsoft word and publisher
Plain Text – a simple notebook that stores folders and notes of information
Popplet – create quick and easy presentations
QR Code Generator – creates QR codes for everything
QuickOffice – edit MS office docs, view PDFs, and saves to Google drive
Skitch – able to take a picture of anything and edit the document
Splashtop Remote Desktop – becomes a remote desktop of your computer
Trello – organizes your projects

Week 8

24me – connects all you calendars together
30/30 – create lists and set timers
Doodle – helps by overlapping times to set up meetings
Duolingo – helps a person learn a language, free and easy
Google Cloud Print – prints documents through your Google account from anywhere
Google Drive – saves your documents on and off line
Keeper Password & Data Vault – keeps everything in a secure location
Pocket – save articles, videos, and allows you to share them, able to access content without internet
Procraster – able to enter tasks, add dates, and organize them so that you won’t put off what needs done
QuickOffice – edit MS office docs, view PDFs, and saves to Google drive
Remember The Milk – keep track of all your tasks/meetings on one page
Scratch Work – browse the web, type, and make graphs all at the same time
Sticky – Post It Notes for your mobile device
Symbaloo – holds all your favorite websites
TeamSnap – for coaches to connect the team with email, practice schedules, photos, files, stats
Wiggio – virtual meeting place to share ideas, files, and schedules
Wikipanion – companion to Wikipedia, able to perform searches as well
Writer – make handwritten notes and change and customize it the way you want too
Wunderlist – to do list maker

Week 9

AirDroid – allows you to access files, send text messages, from your mobile device on your desktop screen
Apps Gone Free – daily apps that are free today
Babyconnect – lets you keep up with your baby’s day
Box – stores your documents
Dailybook – multimedia journal, allows users to have different features inside it
Diigo Browser – bookmarking tool
Dragon Dictation – records your speech and puts it in written form
Dropbox – storage app that stores all documents and connects with other devices
Evernote – remembers, organizes, saves in a searchable document
Focus@Will – 60 minutes of uninterrupted music; used a background music
Google Drive – saves your documents on and off line
Mail Chimp – allows you and other to use an email account
Pearltrees – brainstorming bubbles, organizes websites, files, photos, and other categories
Reference Generator – organize your citations
Running Record Calculator – able to calculate your student’s reading accuracy, easily while they are reading
Survey Monkey – creates quizzes and polls to generate feedback or test knowledge of students
Swizzle Inbox Organizer – Brings up a list of all the newsletters, deals, offers, and other commercial mail and lets you unsubscribe from the ones your don’t want
Typing Club – helps students to learn to type

Week 10

1. +Live Insights – Handwriting without tears – helps students master handwriting without the mess
2. 30/30 – create lists and set timers
3. BrainPOP Jr – app allows exploration of animated movies, quizzes, games, and activities that align with K-3 standards for every content area
4. CDC Solve Outbreak – learn about diseases and be a disease detective
5. Cite This – cites a book or allows manual input of info to cite something
6. Dragon Diction – records your speech and puts it in written form
7. Flashcards+ – create flash cards
8. Fraction Wall – helps students learn and practice fractions
9. Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read – has lessons, games, and stories to help kids to learn how to read
10. Keystone Algebra Practice Test – contains two practice test with 60 questions for the keystone algebra test
11. Meet the Orchestra – great representation of instruments but also includes games and quizzes
12. NASA App – NASA related content
13. Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games – Remedial learning games for Preschool students and Kindergarteners
14. Quote of the Day – inspirational quote every day
15. SAT up – helps practice for the SAT exam
16. Splash Math – Grades 1-5 – has games for all the different grades
17. Studious – manage their time more efficiently and become better planners
18. The Elements – visual representation of the elements
19. United States Puzzle Map – help student locate the 50 states and capitals

Week 11

Abby Explorer Grammar – Fifth Level — fun grammar learning tools
ABC Magic – app focuses on building consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words
Finger Run – fine motor skills, give your fingers a workout

Flashcard (+) – create flash cards
Geo Photo –  photo sharing app that works on a map format
Google Earth – explore the world in 3d or see places all over the world, space, mars, moon
Grammar Up – reviews grammar concepts
History Here –  read and watch about events that takes place around a certain place, A&E related
I-Nigma – scan QR bar codes – that reveals what the question is asking on ipads
math bingo – allows students to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed facts in a fun way
math duel – is a math game for one or two players that practices math facts
myBlee Math – covers all grade level standards in the Common Core for K-6 for math
My Spelling Test – students own personal study guide for spelling
ScanQR – scan and create QRs
Science Books – app is set up to be a collection of all free science books for people to explore
SimpleMind – allows students to generate their own concept maps in order to organize their thoughts
Symmetry School: Learning Geometry – It allows children to play and learn to develop spatial reasoning to build symmetrical shapes and abstract concepts
Type Racer – practice keyboarding with words per minute, accuracy, and has fun trivia facts
Writing Prompt – app that generates writing prompts for teachers and students to use in the classroom to help spark creativity and ideas

Week 12

3D Brain – app allows students to view a 3D image of the brain with all of the various systems within the brain
Beginning Writing: Letter and Numbers – helps children develop basic writing and penmanship skills – online dictionary app, just like the website
First Grade Games – 10 grades that scale the curriculum
iLearnFacts-Mammals – animals that are easy to access with students
iTooch Elementary – 3rd-5th grade level with practice in math, science, reading, and health
Light-Bot – purpose of the app is to get kids involved in programming by playing games and having fun
King of Math – game where students complete timed questions about many different mathematic items
Mad Libs – app allows students to practice grammar in a fun way
Math Pack – common core math app that allows you to pick ability levels through Pre-1st grade
Quizlet – app allows you to create quizzes, access study material like flashcards and matching games
Reading Comprehension – short stories (250-400 words) to read and then to answer questions
Sketchpad Explorer – manipulate math problems or use for science problems
Shakespeare – app is a compilation of William Shakespeare’s most prominent plays and sonnets
Stack the States Lite – learn state capitals, shapes of states, their locations, and their flags
Sticky Words – useful for sentence building
The Spelling Bee – great way to get learners to spend more time practicing their spelling words
WattPad –  app that allows you to access hundreds of ebooks
Week 13

94˚ – Fun and quirky questions that kids will love
Common Core Resource Search – helps teachers transitions to common core
Duolingo – app which serves to help the user learn a new language or to strengthen their preexisting language skills
Fotopedia National Parks – pictures and information for all 58 national parks in the United States
Johnny Grammar Word Challenge – tricky but fun learning games
iMovie – app that helps in creating movies and Hollywood-style movie trailers
Meet the Insects – allows to student to learn about bugs by asking questions, exploring facts, pictures, and videos
Meriam-Webster Dictionary – dictionary app
Model Me Going Places –  creates Videos for Modeling Social Skills
Notate Me Now – music notation app, allows users to create music on page easily
Quick Office – app allows you to create presentations, spreadsheets, and word documents and save them places
Science Fact of the day – exactly like the title
SkyView – app allows you to use the camera feature to identify stars, galaxies, constellations and satellites in the sky, day or night
Slide Share – allows a person to link to the slide share site, which houses slideshows from different sites
Teacher’s Assistant: Document Student Behavior – documents student behavior made easy and accessible to you the teacher
Teacher Planner –  help teachers keep organized and it is also green, paperless tools
The Homework App – Within this app, the user adds assignments and their due dates
The Official SAT question of the day – daily questions that are taken  from SAT tests
ZipGrade – scan and grade bubble sheets quickly and easily
Week 14

iTranslate – app that translates in more than 80 languages
Genius Scan – document scanner
US Geography by Discovery Education – allows users to explore the geography, cities, and regions of the United States, also quizzes students
Wolfram Alpha – accesses a wide range of databases to provide details about general or obscure requests


All the apps have been changed to be in ABC order.

I’ll add apps at least twice during the week but mostly like more than that.


Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Shannon Morean. I received an Elementary Education K-6 from Clarion University in May 2011.  I tutor 5th graders during the week and work in a factory on the weekends.  This semester I am taking two classes (ED522 and ED610).  I play volleyball on Monday nights for three hours, enjoy singing and dancing to music, driving around in my new blue Chevy Cruze, and have two cats.  I have a introverted personality but being apart of the online community makes it easier for me to communicate to anyone.

For the blog assignment, I will be using  but I am also using word press to meet other students in our class.

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